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My education and professional qualifications

I like to think about them as if they were growth rings of a tree trunk. Those annual rings constantly grow, just as my experience and knowledge that broaden each day. You can find among them those very narrow and not very pretty when a specific year lacked valuable experiences but the majority of them looks robust and healthy.

In order to keep orientation, you should read the information below as if it was a business CV, i.e. from the bottom (the past) and move up, towards the present time.

Music and medicine: it happens that I had put 10 years of my professional life in each of them. Obviously, when I finally can deal with both of them at the same time, I am not going to give it up neither after 10 nor even 20 years – I am convinced I have a thrilling occupation for the rest of my lifetime.

I CHOOSE MUSIC AND MEDICINE 2009 - until the end

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  • Emotional Causes of Diseases – workshop – SEDNA Academy of Body and Mind Rehabilitation
  • Pain treatment with acupuncture and herbs – prof. dr Peylin Sun (Belgium, Brussels)
  • Topography of acupuncture -Dr Zbigniew Bronz
  • Differential Diagnosis and acupuncture treatment of pain in four Bi syndroms – dr Radha Thambirajah (Great Britain, London)
  • Acupuncture seminar “1 needle cures 1000 diseases” – dr Yair Maimon (Israel)
  • Course “Dietetics according to TCM” – Iwona Sitko-Urbanowicz
  • Mariusz Sroczyński‘s Taijichuan School (member of YMAA – Yang Taijiquan and Qi Gong ) – trainings and seminars (before also Tai Qi Chuan with Bożena Futoma from Nam’s School)
  • TCM Principal Herbs – Tadeusz Błaszczyk, MD (Institute of Chinese Medicine and Health Prophylaxis, Cracow, Poland)
  • Face and Tongue Diagnosis according to TCM (Ina Diolosa, Avicenna Institut)
  • 4-years’ course of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Institute of Chinese Medicine and Health Prophylaxis (Cracow, Poland) in cooperation with Avicenna Institut, France (Mattias Hunecke)
  • Brigitte Wingelmayr (Austria) – sound therapy with monochord
  • Barbara Romanowska Academy of Sound ( Gdańsk, Poland) – First and Second Grade course and status of the Certified Therapist of In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy, followed by obtaining the professional license of MEN (state Ministry of National Education), which confirms qualifications to use this method in therapy.

I SEARCH 2007-2009

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  • I eagerly learn the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Foundation for Development of New Methods of Thinking and Acting EMPIRO – “Psychobioengetic techniques of developing personality and reaching the internal harmony” (Ryszard Ulman)
  • Don Conreaux (USA) – course of sound therapy - gongs
  • Polish-American Training Center in Natural Medicine BIORAD – professional bioenergotherapy course (with Ryszard Ulman), followed by final examination, certificate and Professional license of MEN (state Ministry of National Education)
  • Silva Method – I and II grade course (with Andrzej Wójcikiewicz)


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  • WIEMBA – Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration degree. An interesting experience. I make a big effort in order to squeeze myself into the frames that do not fit me at all. A few excellent teachers and cool people from various business branches. It was worth it, although the studies, together with corporate drudgework exhaust me a lot. I also know by then that this is not my story -and my health charges me accordingly for the constant overexploitation.


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  • Work in a global medical corporation. During 10 years I work in the Operating Theaters of all surgical specialties in a group of Polish cities – occupation I simply adore – and I also sell great products (and I adore them too, although sales itself does not thrill me too much and I will rather pass over the corporation’s name). A great time of contacts with many outstanding people: great surgeons , OR nurses. At first I am being tortured (in order to keep the highest professional level) with tests on human anatomy, surgical procedures and products, then (as a consequence of official “annointment”) – it is me who torments people: I make up perfidious examination tests and I demand knowledge. There is also a lot of fun and satisfaction, as I feel I am doing something that has positive impact on patient’s quality of life and the knowledge about new products and surgical techniques among surgeons. A turnover and a change.
  • Medical Representative, Divisional Manager, Marketing Manager

I CHOOSE MUSIC 1985-1996

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  • I study, I perform in concerts, I build up a repertoire that I eventually never will be able to sing in front of the audience. I hoard nearly 400 pieces (lieder, opera and oratorio arias) yet in practice there is a constant demand just for a dozen of easy-to-digest hits. As I finally get bored with the status quo, I start to give lectures about music. A turnover in my health is a good reason to simply drop it all one day.
  • Concerts, theater performances, lectures
  • Escuela Superior de Canto, Madrid – postgraduate vocal studies with maestra Isabel Penagos
  • Postgraduate pedagogic studies at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music (Fryderyk Chopin University of Music)
  • Academy of Music F.Chopin (currently known as the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw) - a Master of Arts degree from the faculty of Opera Singing and Drama, prof. Maria Kunińska-Opacka’s class.